Our Privacy Policy

Your Data Protected

Data protection laws exist which mean companies must have your permission and let you know how your data is collected and used.

To begin, we don't collect any personal data for marketing purposes.

On making an order we will be given your details so that we may process the order. We don't process your data any further than that or have any mailing lists etc.

Processing an order involves being given your data, either directly from you, or via a third party such as PayPal who themselves cannot use your information any further unless you give them permission. Your data is used again if any correspondence is made, and passed on to a courier (if applicable to the order so that the order may be delivered).

We do not sell any of your info, or share it beyond what we've already described, or give permission for any personal data to be used beyond fulfilling your order.

Any email correspondence remains in our email inbox which is hosted online by Google (but not visible to Google). This has very robust security and is encrypted so even Google cannot see the emails.

Any paper correspondence/records are either stored under lock and key in our office or destroyed.

Finally, our website does collect data such as how many vists we receive and where those vists came from. This is called Google Analytics. We only ever look at this basic anonymous information but we endeavour to make sure this is all the information that is collected and is never anyone's personal information.

If you have any questions about this policy or any personal information we have for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. If anything, this should only amount to a few emails which we are happy to delete if you require. Of course we will delete any information we can on request.