Stylish Heavy Duty Tool Free Raised Bed

Buy Once, Buy Right. Our latest innovation in raised beds

Our usual use of oversized high quality materials throughout, built with Charmed Wood expertise and efficiency, with the aim of unbeatable longevity combined with value for money. This particular design has the added benefit of being ridiculously easy to assemble. Our latest innovation is the way these slot together.

Assembly is completely tool-less, it simply slots together to produce a very strong & sleek looking water shedding joint, so it is guranteed to last.

Leave the bed in place for as many years as you like. Dismantling it for any reason, such as moving the bed or working on the soil, remains easy. No rusty screws to deal with avoiding hours of frustration and often failure/waste.

Charmed Wood Raised Bed
Charmed Wood Raised Bed 1 Charmed Wood Raised Bed Diagram Charmed Wood Raised Bed Dimensions
For detailed and metric dimensions please
see diagram and table in the images.

Approx Dimensions:

  • Height 23cm (9")
  • Various Lengths/Width available as standard:
    3.5ft x 3.5ft
    6.5ft x 3.5ft
    4.5ft x 4.5ft
    8.5ft x 4.5ft
  • Max. footprint & height dimensions quoted
  • Feel free to contact us for a quote on any custom dimensions or large quantites.

Price from £180


Detailed Description

  • Superior structural strength 9 by 2 inch thick planed/(smooth) timber, heavy duty, suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Tool-less design so absolutely no tools required for assembly, it just slots securely together in seconds and makes servicing or moving old beds a doddle so they can just go on and on
  • No fixings also means no screws or bolts to fail a year or two, becoming impossible to remove, often resulting in a failing structure/eyesore destined for the scrap pile
  • No fixings also means zero screw holes. So no holes to gather dirt and moisture resulting in localised rot in the worst possible location. No holes/screws etc naturally results in a much sleeker cleaner look that lasts and remains a pleasure to work with
  • Water shedding joints designed to dry out rather than remain wet, eliminating another key source of decay and premature failure
  • Fully tanalised (pressure treated) timber
  • Exclusive use of FSC/PEFC timber, which certifies timber is grown, harvested and replanted responsibly
  • Cold climate (Scandinavian) timber used, ensuring tighter grain from slower grown trees and therefore superior quality wood.