Charmed Wood Kennel

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Kennel, or dog house design is more complicated than one might think. Here at Charmed Wood, we've created a stunning design. While pleasing to the eye, so much more thought has gone into this design than simply aesthetics. Essentially a kennel should keep the occupant warm and dry, allow easy access, not just for the resident, but for the owner for ease of cleaning, or simply to get the bed in.

We use the same principles, when building a kennel, as we do when building a high quality shed. Specifically, internal dimensions and the size of the door opening are very important factors when aiming for the optimum size to keep the occupant warm. These sizes vary of course with the size of your animal, so we are happy to build to your spec to ensure the ultimate fit for your animal.

Naturally we only use the best available materials for construction. We even use slow grown joinery grade Scandinavian FSC/PEFC timber for the highest quality and longevity. Where ever possible, we doubley nail and glue everything, exterior grade throughout.

As standard, our designs are heavily built. This not only looks great, it also makes our work incredibly strong reliable and versatile. You may want to nail a custom carved name plaque on the front, which is possible due to the heavy and strong framework. Or you may want a twinwall version, where we can add an internal wall giving added insulation. We can also add an insulated cavity wall for the ultimate protection from the coldest weather. All of this is made possible because of the thought that goes into our designs and developement.

Finally we have included a hinged roof in our design. Just over half the roof opens to allow comfortable access to the inside for inserting and/or cleaning. This has been done elegantly in such a way that does not compromise the protection offered by the roof at all. Pollished stainless steel, 316 grade, hinges are used as standard. The roof also has an oversized overhang at the front, effectively creating a porch area, and extra protection from wind driven rain and snow.

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Traditional Kennel or Dog House
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Charmed Wood's Kennel

The Ultimate Traditional Style Dog House

The kennel pictured, is for a large dog, and measures approximately 1.3m from front to back, 1.1m high, and 1.1m wide. We are however happy to make this design to any dimensions to suit the individual. This ensures the best performance and comfort. So feel free to contact us to confirm your dimensions.

Custom Built, and all this for:

Price £750

Ideally, for a dog, we'd require the height of the animal to the shoulder, maximum width (i.e. for the width of the door opening), and either the length from the front of the shoulder, to the rear of the rump, or the length of the bed that will be installed.

For a detailed description please see above.

The kennel is delivered in very few, easy to assemble, components with clear assembly instructions. Depending on the size, we may even be able to send this piece fully assembled, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.