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All of our log stores are made to order with over sized pressure treated (tanalised) timber. We actually use slow grown joinery grade timber so our materials are in a league of their own. Our stores are glued as well as doubly nailed/screwed where possible for increased strength and durability.

High quality, exterior grade fixings are used throughout. Our painted versions use high quality exterior grade primers and paints predominantely from the Farrow & Ball range. If you'd like to add a bit of colour, we stock many shades so feel free to ask for any colour you like.

We use much thicker timber than most other makers, not just for the rustic look, but because we truly do build to last. Many other designs on the market use smaller dimension timber, in order to reduce postage costs, but we never compromise the strength and sturdiness of our items and would rather cover the extra postage costs ourselves than use inferior materials. Some makers now use thicker timber, and their stores look remarkably like our original designs, however their copies will never match ours in terms of quality of workmanship, accuracy (ease of assembly), finish, and longevity. In fact, even though they cut many corners and use substandard materials, we are able to make our products so efficiently that they still struggle to match us on price.

Our stores have a breathable design. Damp is always an issue with outdoor storage. With this in mind, at the design stage, the stores use feathered panelling for their sides and roof (slatted sides on the value model). This sheds water nicely, and also allows moisture to evaporate away from the store, significantly reducing the risk of damp build up and fungal attack which could spoil stored items.

We also combine off-ground storage with overall airy/vented design to ensure excellent circulation of air, which is essential when seasoning/drying, and storing firewood.

The roofs of our stores slope away from their adjacent wall so water is shed away from buildings (other designs on the market have roofs which slope towards the wall, possibly leading to expensive damp problems in the future). In fact, if preferred, the stores do not need to be placed against a wall. They all have rear panels, and are completely freestanding.

If you have any specific requirements such as measurements, storage capacity, lockable doors, painted finishes etc, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a tailored quote!

And all our items include FREE DELIVERY